DFW PaHS MIssion

Building Experiences

🐾 DFW PaHs & our teams are absolutely ‘pawsome’ at crafting ‘bark-tacular’ events that bring our vibrant community together. Our goal is to ensure these enriching experiences are accessible to all, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Join us in ‘raising the woof’ and strengthening our community through these ‘pawsitively’ wonderful gatherings, made possible by the tireless efforts of our ‘pup-tastic’ teams. 🐕‍🦺🥳


Frequently asked questions

What is ‘Pup of the Week’?

Pup of the Week’ is a weekly spotlight feature at DFW PaHs where we celebrate a member of our community for their unique contributions, personality, or achievements. It’s all about highlighting the diverse and vibrant members of our pack!

Can anyone be nominated for ‘Pup of the Week’?

Absolutely! Any member of the DFW PaHs community, whether a pup, pet, or handler, can be nominated. We value diversity and encourage nominations from all corners of our community.

What kind of stories or achievements make a good ‘Pup of the Week’?

We love stories that showcase individuality, community involvement, personal growth, or any unique talent or contribution to the DFW PaHs Society. Big or small, all achievements are worth celebrating!

What do you get as ‘Pup of the Week’?

Aside from the honor and recognition from our community, the ‘Pup of the Week’ is featured on our website and social media platforms, sharing their story and celebrating their role in our community and given a free Pup Tag Celebrating Being Pup of the Week!

Can I nominate myself for ‘Pup of the Week’?

Yes, self-nominations are welcome! If you feel you have something special to share or celebrate, we encourage you to nominate yourself.

How is the ‘Pup of the Week’ chosen?

Selections are based on community nominations, participation in events, individual achievements, or simply being an outstanding member. We look for diversity and enthusiasm in our choices!

How can I nominate someone for ‘Pup of the Week’?

ou can nominate by filling out a simple form on our website or sending us an email with the nominee’s name and a brief reason why you think they deserve to be featured.

Are ‘Pup of the Week’ selections anonymous?

Nominations can be made anonymously, but we always seek consent from the nominee before featuring them as ‘Pup of the Week’.

How often can someone be featured as ‘Pup of the Week’?

To ensure diversity, an individual is featured as ‘Pup of the Week’ only once a year.

What happens after someone is featured as ‘Pup of the Week’?

After their feature week, they continue to be an integral part of our community, with their story serving as inspiration for others. We also encourage them to remain active and involved in our various activities and initiatives.